Child Spotlight, April 15, 2019

Meet Bugabe Rosette

Joy radiates through Rosette.

Joy radiates through Rosette.

This week’s spotlight child is Bugabe Rosette. Rosette is fifteen years old and in our P6 class at our Seeds of Hope School. Rosette is orphaned and has one sibling, Matsiko Rumanga. Her favorite color is red. Rosette has a vibrant personality and a smile that lights up the room when she enters in. Her favorite activity is dancing. Rosette is a part of our Seeds of Hope Choir and performance team. So it would be natural that music is one of her top favorite activities. Her favorite subject is science. Kemigisha Immaculate is Rosette’s best friend and her favorite person is her English teacher. Upon answering the question: Whom do you want to meet one day: Rosette replied, “Jesus Christ!”. When Rosette grows up she wants to be a teacher. She has been a part of our Seeds of Hope Program for six years. Rosette is blessed to be sponsored.

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Sonya Schweighardt