Child Sponsorship

Raising Up A Generation Of Once Forgotten Children

The Batwa children have been forgotten by society. Thought of as animals by local tribes, we are raising up a new generation of children through our sponsorship program which focuses in on education, health care, and nutritional feeding program.

Mercy meeting her sponsor, Tracy, for the first time. Love at first sight!

Mercy meeting her sponsor, Tracy, for the first time. Love at first sight!

 Local tribes consider the Batwa to be animals and they are highly discriminated against. The children cannot go to local schools or medical clinics because they are considered animals. According to a 2000 report by the BBC, 40% of the Batwa children die before the age of 5.  Conditions have not changed since 2000.  Through our sponsorship program, we are hoping that these numbers will begin to decline as the children will receive more consistent health care and food.

Giving online is quick and easy.  $40 is a month is all it takes to sponsor a child on a monthly basis.    You can also choose to give an extra $25 on your child's birthday month and at Christmas to make these two days extra special for your sponsored child! 


Connecting Hearts

Hope Ministries Uganda makes every effort to connect the hearts of our sponsors with their sponsored child. This allows our sponsors to watch their child grow and develop over time. Many of our children are abandoned and orphaned and this gives them an opportunity to experience the love of a family. We have even had some sponsors come to Uganda on a mission trip and meet their child!

How does sponsorship work?

What does sponsorship cover?

Our sponsorship program covers the child’s education at our Seeds of Hope School, provides three meals a day, and provides basic healthcare through our River of Life Medical Clinic.

How long does sponsorship last?

Our hope and prayer is that sponsors will stay with a child through secondary school (high school) or vocational training school. There may be opportunities for some of our students to attend university level in the future.

How long does a child stay in the sponsorship program?

Most of our children come into our program between the ages of 3-16 years of age. Typically secondary school in Uganda ends around the age of 20-21. Many of our children had a very late start in receiving their education and they are working towards “catching up”. Some of our older children will be phased into our vocational training program to give them skills to start businesses and business training so that they will be able to support themselves.

Can i visit my sponsored child?

Kristen meeting Grace for the first time in December 2018!

Kristen meeting Grace for the first time in December 2018!

Yes! We love for sponsors to meet their sponsored child. You can join an upcoming mission team or arrange a team yourself to come and see! We love to call these trips Discovery Trips. For the sponsored child to meet their sponsor it is a life changing event and encourages them so much! To inquire about upcoming trips and to learn about our mission trip program, please click here.

Can i send gifts to my child?

We encourage our sponsors to send letters and pictures to their sponsored child. For birthdays and Christmas we encourage sponsors to give financial gifts that can be used to purchase gifts in Uganda. Our goal is to keep communication open and to make sure you see and experience how your child was able to celebrate through our sponsorship portal. .

Can I send letters and pictures to my child?

Absolutely! We want you to keep in touch with your sponsored child and encourage them. Once you sponsor a child you will have access to our sponsor portal where you will be able to not only send pictures and letters, but you will also receive updates and letters from your child. Your letters and photos to your sponsored child will be printed off and hand delivered to your child. You can also send letters to our USA location at Hope Ministries Uganda USA, 1345 Shirebourn, Hickory, NC 28602 or email them to us: .