Our Impact In 2017

The following is our Hope Ministries Uganda Yearly Report for 2017 Accomplishments


Monthly Support

Accounts Summary 2017

Other Donations :

  • Laptops

  • Camera

  • Projector

  • Clothes/overalls (pajamas )

  • Battery Operated Drill and Saw

  • Washable Sanitary Pads

Mission Teams Through Hope Ministries Uganda USA

Nutritional Meals

Birthday Celebrations

Clean Water

  • Mukungu Water Project

  • Seeds of Hope Water Tanks

Basic Needs


Children Enrollment

  • Nyanamo

  • Rubuguri

Education and Performances

Seeds of Hope Nyanamo  

Seeds of Hope Rubuguri

Medical Care

  • Seeds of Hope Children

  • Kasovu Jiggers Project

  • Batwa Community First Aid Training and Packages

Dining Hall

Sponsors Visiting Their Children

School Farm

  • Goats

  • Rabbits

  • Poultry

Spiritual Growth

School Choir

Establishment of Central Offices

Vocational Training Center

  • At risk youth skills training center Nyanamo

Church Planting and Progress

  • Nyanamo

  • Mukungu

  • Kasovu

  • Rubuguri

  • HDC Partners

  • Church Partnership

  • Crusades

Batwa Housing Project


  • Land purchases

  • Land survey

Masiiko Pregnancy Care Center

  • Leaders Training

  • Baby clothes

  • Microscope

Renting the House




Our first American team, July 2017

Our first American team, July 2017



Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you for accepting to become the hands and feet of Jesus in Uganda, Africa through Hope Ministries Uganda in such a great way; we wouldn't be able to bring smiles and transform these precious children  and the Batwa family without your continuous support both in prayer and financial. God bless you!

Through this divine partnership between Hope Ministries Uganda and Hope Ministries Uganda USA, God is moving mightily among the Batwa communities, most especially in the lives of the Batwa children at our Seeds of Hope Children's Homes and schools.

There are many smiles on the faces of the children; lives are changing and we give all glory back to God and we say thank you for accepting God to use you, because of your continuous support,


We at Hope Ministries Uganda believe that your monthly giving and labor on behalf of the Seeds of Hope Children and the Batwa are not in vain. Because of  your monthly giving  and daily prayers,  Hope Ministries Uganda was able to achieve different child and community focused  projects based on our Vision “TO BREAK THE CYCLE OF POVERTY”.  Because of your monthly giving and donations during the year 2017, we therefore report Hope Ministries Uganda achievements and challenges for 2017.

May the Lord bless you and continue to strengthen you for this amazing ministry among the Batwa tribe .




Because of your monthly giving and commitment we have been able to meet the basic needs of the Batwa and the Seeds of Hope Children. This has enabled the Seeds of Hope Children to regain their hopes and dreams, forgetting about their past discrimination and stigma. This has built our confidence that we are raising the leaders and citizens whom everyone will look to and will result in the hope of our nation, Uganda, and Africa at large.  The Seeds of Hope Children are truly leaders of tomorrow. Hope Ministries Uganda once again wants to extend our thanks to all you of who were there from the beginning and still raising up on behalf of these children. Once again may the Lord bless you mightily!


  • Laptops

Through our official partnership with Hope Ministries Uganda USA, we received two brand new laptop computers and this has helped Hope Ministries Uganda so much in terms of information and communication technology, and it has reduced cost as before we used to travel to Kisoro town and Kabale town which is about two hours drive from the Hope Ministries Uganda offices in order to be able to access computer  and internet services. Thank you to the donors who donated these laptops. They are a great help towards Hope Ministries Uganda operations.  


  • Camera

Hope Ministries Uganda received a professional NIKON D5100 camera which was a huge answered prayer helping Hope Ministries Uganda and Seeds of Hope Children's Homes to be able to capture photos and updates in time to share with our partners throughout the world. We thank God for Hope Ministries Uganda USA for a such great help.


  • Projector

The Seeds of Hope Children's Homes and schools received a brand new projector from Papa Russell. This is a great help towards the children as it helps the children to watch cartoons and other movies, and also this projector helps us to reach out to the Batwa communities with the word of God through showing Bible stories  and movies.  Because of this projector, many lives have come to Christ! It also helps the children to learning English through watching educational movies. Thanks and blessings to Papa Russell for such a great gift for our Seeds of Hope Children.

  • Clothes/ovals (pajamas )

After along period of time where our Seeds of Hope Children and babies were sleeping in coldness (as we are located at a higher elevation near the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which makes this place receive lots of rains and decreased temperatures), this year with the help from Hope Ministries Uganda USA, we received funds to purchase pajamas (overalls in Uganda understanding).   After we received the funds to buy pajamas, because it was a new word to us locally, we thought we were supposed to buy underpants  because in Uganda pajamas are known as underpants,  so we were surprised  when mum Sonya told us that pajamas are overalls!  Thank  you, mum Sonya and Jaja Beth for helping us understand what pajamas are!  We received funding to purchase new pajamas  for all our Seeds of Hope Children, and we praise God that these children are now sleeping in warmth! In other words, the children are truly enjoying sleeping in pajamas as they are truly warm. Thanks to our donors through Hope Ministries Uganda USA  for making this possible! May God bless you!

NOTE FROM SONYA: Overalls are actually what we call snow suits in the USA.  Its funny sometimes the difference in our words!  Needless to say, they children are definitely warm at night!  We praise God for the snow suits to sleep in!  



2017 was a year of great excitement as Hope Ministries Uganda USA brought over their first two mission teams.  Some of their work is highlighted below.  

July 2017 Discovery Mission Team

The first Discovery Mission Team came in July.  They had a team of nine from the USA and seven from Kampala.  This team did evangelism, trained the Mukungu community on the importance of clean water and taught them how to use Sawyer Water Filters that were donated through Wine to Water. First aid training was done with our HDC pastors.  Sewing classes were done with our women. They met with our craft cooperatives to encourage them in design and production.  They also had the opportunity to speak with Members of Parliament and the Minister of Finance.  A general health clinic was run by the team as well as updating pictures and the children's records.  They handed out the Shoes that Grow to all of the children.  Many recreational games were brought for the children, including jump ropes, soccer balls, parachutes, and much more.  First aid supplies and medicines were also brought. The team ministered to the hearts of the people and lives were transformed because of the work they did.  This is just some of the things they did and we praise God for this team and all who partnered with them to make this happen.


November 2017 Discovery Mission Team


In November Hope Ministries Uganda USA brought over a team of 8 from the USA and 7 from Kampala.  This team came over to work on our farm project.  They built two barns, rabbit cages, and purchased animals.  One barn was built for meat goats.  Our pastor in Kasovu was trained on how to take care of the goats.  The second barn was place at the Rubuguri campus and was built to house 60 chickens, 5 roosters, and many rabbits. Despite the rains and the road conditions, this team worked so hard!  They also took our younger children from the Rubuguri Campus and gave them there first hot baths.  The children were over joyed as they felt so loved.  Some of the team also attended a burial of one of our Batwa men.  We thank Hope Ministries Uganda USA for helping to make sure this man had a proper burial.  Coats and overalls were also purchased and handed out to the children.  This team preached, they did home visits, they prayed over the sick and the lost, and they loved on all of the children.  The team was also joined by Beautiful Feet International.  BFI came to train our women and speak life into them about pregnancy and child birth.  Because of this training we now have the very first pregnancy care center on this side of Uganda. (more information below).  Many baby items were donated from our partners in the USA to make sure new babies would have clothing and warm blankets. The children were even treated to a movie night with popcorn and soda!  Mum Sonya even received great testimonies from the community using the water filtration systems. We praise God for this team.  Despite the many challenges, this team pushed through and became a strong God force!




Our monthly food support program is our essential project and this has helped our Seeds of Hope Children who once were going without food  and were malnourished. Now they receive three nutritional meals each day. Our daily menu is designed and based on a balanced diet which has enabled our Seeds of Hope Children to improve their immunity and gain much more body strength. This in turn has helped them become immune to most sicknesses and diseases that are attracted by the weakness of the immune system. Because of this monthly feeding program the children  really look healthy compared to the past years; and also this has helped to increase their school performances, as a hungry child cannot go to school and learn. The children are truly excited  about their tomorrow! We praise the Lord for our monthly donors! May the Lord bless you!  



The once hopeless, the once forgotten, the once never counted, the ones who never knew why he or she was born, can now celebrate the day he or she was born! Thanks to our monthly donors for making this possible. Without your monthly giving, these children had no reason to celebrate the day they were born. Rather cursing the day they were born and the womb that carried them, we praise God because of your monthly giving  each month.  Hope Ministries Uganda arranges birthdays for the Seeds of Hope Children who were born in the same month. This has helped the children to raise high hopes and understand that they are also counted  and that each child is so unique and an important creation to God.  They can now see the purpose to why they were born.

During our monthly birthday celebrations we have seen the children shed tears of joy because...  


Thanks to our monthly donors, because you give, these children have a reason to celebrate and smile! God bless you!






Mukungu Water Project

We praise God for the Mukungu Batwa community,  a community with a population of  around 300 people who are without any source of clean water around them. It could take women and children not less than 3 hours to walk down and up the mountains to go to fetch dirty water from the river which is being shared with cows, pigs, goats, and people washing clothes and swimming in the same water, and others using the  river for a toilet.  For this reason the Batwa in Mukungu were  always  sick with typhoid and other water born diseases. On top of this the young girls and women were being raped while trying to go and collect the water down the mountain that had caused the increased rates of HIV infections and unwanted pregnancies among the Batwa women and young girls.

Thanks to our donors through Hope Ministries Uganda USA and their partnership with Wine to Water, the year 2017 was a year when God partly answered the prayers of the Mukungu Batwa community through the donation of “WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS AND WATER COLLECTING CONTAINERS.” Although the river is still very far, at least  each family in Mukungu can now get the dirty water filtered and they can drink clean water now!  We thank our donors and partners who donated the geri cans and water filters.  To these Batwa families this has reduced the rate of water born diseases infections among the Mukungu  Batwa tribe.

Seeds of Hope Nyanamo campus received water tanks

At the Seeds of Hope Nyanamo Campus it was always difficult to access a water source because of our location at the top of the mountain.  It was really expensive for us to buy water for the children's home and school children.  To purchase 20 liters of water was at $2  and having the children to go to fetch water was always difficult as it was a whole day trip for the children to reach the nearby lake to be able to bring water.

We thank God for the Hope Ministries Uganda donors for the kind help and donation of “RAIN WATER HARVESTING TANKS!”






Since we started working with the Batwa children, the children staying outside our homes were at risk of rape, different types of child abuse, while some of them dropped out of school due to long distances they had to walk to and from the Seeds of Hope Schools, it was therefore a decision made by the board to have all our children join Seeds of Hope Homes because of the challenges and abuses they were facing every day of such we could not raise them and build them into a generation of leaders .



With the monthly donors and support through Hope Ministries Uganda USA , in 2017 the number of children under Hope Ministries Uganda and Seeds of Hope Schools and homes increased from 130 children to 207  children. This was a little challenging from the beginning, but because  you give its now possible and all our children looking so healthy and do not have to fear things like rape and abuse.




We began the year when the dormitories were congested, but we thank God that in the month of April, 80 mattresses, 80 blankets and bed sheets were added in both dormitories and you can't imagine the joy this brought in the lives of the Batwa children. 


Because all the children are now in school and in our Children's Home section, this has boosted their willingness to learn since they have time to read their books, and are around our well trained teachers and a team of house mothers. All of this together has improved the children’s performance as it can be reflected in their performance reports.


Seeds of Hope Rubuguri campus



As the year 2017 was beginning, according to the government of Ugandan recommendations, we thought it wise to separate the younger children from the older ones. Seeds of Hope Rubguri Campus is a junior school for our Seeds of Hope  where 40 young children attend.

Seeds of Hope Rubuguri Campus is a junior school that is composed of the nursery section from baby class to top class. The junior school prepares the younger children to be able to join the primary school which is the  Seeds of Hope Nyanamo Campus.

The Seeds of Hope Junior school is a fully fledged nursery section with 40 children and 3 classes and 3 teachers, 2 mothers, 1 cook, and 1 security guard;  totaling seven staff.  


The year 2017 was a successful year and the results indicate that the performance of our little children has really improved since we separated the 2 schools. We thank God for our monthly donors through Hope Ministries Uganda USA;  because you give, these children receive quality education. May God bless you.

Seeds of Hope nyanamo campus  



The Seeds of Hope Nyanamo campus is a fully fledged school with an enrollment of 167 children.  This school is a primary section starting from primary one to primary five (form 1  to form 5). This school is the second level of  Seeds of Hope Rubuguri Campus.  After the babies are raised and prepared to get ready to join the primary school  from Rubuguri,  then they are promoted  to Nyanamo Campus.  The Nyanamo Campus Seeds of Hope School was established this year 2017  and has 5 classes , 7 teachers , 2 mothers , 1 security guard , 2 cooks , 1 bursar totaling  to 13 staff members.  This school teaches the children according to curriculum and standards of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda.  The performance of our Seeds of Hope Children at the Nyanamo Campus has tremendously increased because this school employs God-fearing qualified teachers and non-teaching staff.  The children's handwriting has improved and English speaking has truly improved. We thank God that these children can at least read and understand  and speak some English. We hope that in 2 years to come these children are going to do the National Examination and they are going to get good results. This cannot happen without your monthly support. We thank you so much for your continuous love and support. We request you to continue supporting us.

  • Electricity

Electricity was added to our Nyanamo campus in November.  This has provided our children with good lighting in the classrooms to help them learn in a better environment.  It also provides light for the Children's Home so that they feel safe at night.  Because we have a church on this campus, it is also impacts the lives of hundreds.  Before we only had a generator which did a very poor job in keeping our sound system working and the projector.  We praise God for the support of our donors through Hope Ministries Uganda USA.

  • Microscope

Hope ministries Uganda received a brand new microscope through Hope Ministries Uganda USA . Microscope slides were also given.  This will help  our children in their science classes to see things from a microscopic level. This is the first microscope in this community. This will help give our children a wonderful education.




With  the help from our monthly donors and sponsors through the year 2017,  Hope Ministries Uganda  has been able to equip our medical store on a monthly basis depending on common sicknesses and the doctor’s  recommendation to meet the medical needs of the Seeds of Hope Children and the Batwa communities in general, and this has helped us to reduce on our monthly medical expenses.  

Through the  year 2017 we did not have major health complications, but a few minor health challenges and the school nurse in conjunction with  the house mothers, teachers, and the social worker have always taken the sick children to health units for diagnosis and have been able to give treatment to the children according to the doctor's instruction. This helps us on minor health issues like headaches, diarrhea, cough , flu, skin rashes, malaria, de-worming, simple cuts and fever, and other minor health issues.

The health of our Seeds of Hope Children is well monitored on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Thanks to our monthly donors who are always there to meet the medical needs of these Batwa children and may God bless you.


In the year 2017 we had a terrible jiggers outbreak among the Batwa of Kasovu community. The community, which is largely stricken by  extreme poverty in Uganda, was visited by the USA team in July. When we went to visit this community with food and medical support,  we found that this community had an out break of jiggers and flies. The  president of Hope Ministries Uganda USA, Sonya Schweighardt,  tried to contact different local and international NGOs to respond to the jiggers outbreak.  She thought she found an organization to help, but unfortunately it did not work out and it was a huge disappointment to the Batwa who were waiting for this team to help end their pain and suffering.  But we praise God because He works in mysterious ways that we never truly understand.  Because of you, our donors and partners, Hope Ministries Uganda USA was able to raise the needed funds to purchase medical supplies and to hire a medical team to go to this community and help out with removing, spraying and treating these precious children and Batwa people.  It was really shocking and painful to see a five year old child being operated on under the foot and removing more than 200 jiggers.  All the feet were rotten and smelling.  Some of these people couldn't walk, but after the jiggers were removed and their feet were treated and had time to heal, they were walking again.

After the jiggers were removed we also worked on spraying their huts  with insect killers to make sure that their huts were free from flies and other insects.  We thank God because before the spraying was done, the Batwa told us that they were no longer sleeping in the huts because the flies were biting  them  and they were getting sick and the children were getting rashes because of the flies and other insects.  However, after we  sprayed the huts and the whole community, these people were so happy and started sleeping in their huts again.  Praise the Lord for you who raised up and gave towards this life changing ministry.  Because you did this, the children can stand on their feet now.

The team also checked for different sicknesses and diseases including malaria, typhoid , HIV and AIDS  among others and gave treatment to those who were found sick. The entire community was issued closed toe shoes to help protect their feet.  We praise God that no one was found with the HIV virus .



During the visit of our mission team from USA in July our Batwa community leaders, who are church pastors, were trained and empowered to become Batwa Community Health Workers.

These pastors were trained to give simple first aid to the Batwa people in theIR communities and the Seeds of Hope communities.  After the training they were also given first aid boxes to be used in their communities.  Currently these health workers with first aid kits are overwhelmed by the number of Batwa and non Batwa people who come to them sick for basic first aid, even for more complicated illnesses as these communities where we are reaching have no other medical services near by them.

DSC_0442 (1).JPG

These health workers say that even pregnant women have been coming to them to help them deliver, but they couldn’t help them since they were not trained to do that.  

In these communities where the Batwa live, in order to access medical care, one mustwalk more than 50 km to go to the government hospitals,  which a pregnant woman or some one very sick cannot afford .

We thank God for our community first aid boxes and health workers as they are doing a tremendous work helping the sick with the first aid. Because of this help, many people do not go on to the hospital because the first aid being given to them helps them so much.

Thanks to our donors for reaching out to the unreached with medical services.  May God bless you so much.



The year 2017, with the help from our USA partners, we were able to build a temporary dining hall which can accommodate a maximum of two hundred forty children with all the facilities that were needed for the dining hall:  the washing centers, dining tables, chairs and serving place.
We are glad to inform you that, the Batwa Seeds of Hope Children are very happy and they enjoy their meals in a home environment.

Regardles of how it was before, where children would be served from the kitchen and eat from outside the classrooms, today they have their food from the dining hall.

Due to the establishment of this dining hall, the way of conduct has greatly improved among these Batwa Children. This is the routine the children follow: the children are called for lunch, they wash their hands gently, are served their food, they take time and pray for the meal, after they move out gently thanking God, wash hands again and go to class. This has improved their hygiene, more so, this is building a model to follow as they go to their homes in the future.






We thank God for the sponsors who visited their sponsored children. Great thanks to:

Judie Wilson  USA

Allison family  USA

Terry Parker USA ,

Beth Davis USA

Farmer family USA

Karena Mason  USA 

Eden Colvard USA

And of course the Schweighardt family who loves and visits all the children.

Sponsors visting their sponsored children is really an amazing thing since these children were once forgotten and homeless.  Once they see people coming to see them, they feel loved and hopeful again. Thanks to you who came and visited  your children. By doing that you are raising these children into responsible leaders.

IMG_2914 2.jpg





In the year 2017 we managed to set up vegetable gardens both in Rubuguri and Nyanamo homes and because of these gardens the children were able to eat vegetables through the year from our Seeds of Hope Gardens. These gardens also helped the children to learn and understand agriculture which helps them to become more self supporting in future




In the year 2017  Hope Ministries Uganda received a donation of 10 goats and 3 goat kids and funds to build a house for the goats. A team came from the USA with Hope Ministries Uganda USA to work on this project and to train leaders to take care of the goats. We thank God for this project as its going to create income for the ministry as well as food for the children. We thank God for the team and all those who supported the team from the USA and the project.

The goat project will also help us with manure for our vegetable gardens. This has improved the quantity and quality of our vegetable growing project and we hope that the next year, 2018, we are going to produce enough vegetables for our Seeds of Hope Children .






With the support from our donors through Hope Ministries Uganda USA,  in the year 2017 we received funds to purchase rabbits as a way to boost the immunity of our Seeds of Hope Children.  Research says that rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat.  So through our rabbit farm, our Seeds of Hope Children are going to have enough meat and their immunity is going to be boosted. Thanks to our donors for making this possible. Already our rabbits have babies.  This rabbit farm is going to work as a demonstration farm for the Batwa and also since our children are the ones  taking care of the rabbits this will help them learn skills through this rabbit  demonstration farm.  Once again we thank the mission team from Hope Ministries Uganda USA for building the barn and cages for our rabbit farm and all of those who helped to contribute to this project in the USA.



Poultry farm 



With the support from our USA donors and partners in 2017 we received  funds to purchase chicken for our poultry farm in order to have meat  and eggs for our Seeds of Hope Children.  

The children are so happy as they have already started to eat some eggs from our poultry farm .  Thanks to our donors and the team from the USA that worked on the construction of the chicken barn at Seeds of Hope Rubuguri Campus. We hope with the manure from the chickens, goat and rabbits that we shall be able to produce enough vegetables .

Thanks to our donors for making this possible.





Besides all we see happening and the social-physical transformation, there has been a tremendous spiritual transformation in the lives of the Batwa Children at Seeds of Hope.

These children are taught the Word of God daily; every evening, Wednesday and Saturday.  We also have morning and evening devotions led by our pastors. They can now pray, recite Bible verses, and sing hymns. This growth in their relationship with Jesus has become strong and promising. Through this we see God raising leaders who will truly transform Batwa communities.  Through the year 2017, at least 24 children at Seeds of Hope Homes and schools confessed Jesus as their  Lord and Savior. We praise the Lord for that.





The Seeds of Hope Choir is a well trained choir composed of Seeds of Hope Children, and last year was among the most successful year for us. Through the Seeds of Hope Choir we saw lives touched because of this choir.

These children are well trained and they can perform both on local and international levels. Through the year 2017, the children traveled to different areas both among the Batwa communities and other churches and communities around Uganda preaching the message of hope among different people .

Among the messages they preach through music, is poverty eradication, HIV awareness, domestic violence, and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music. Through this they were able to reach more than 2000 people all over Uganda. We are praising God for these Seeds of Hope Children .


In February 2017, we established the central office in Nyanamo community and recruited the accountant, social worker who is also the IT personnel and the programs director. This has improved the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of  the ministry projects  and programs.

It has also helped in bridging the gap between the Batwa community and the ministry and provided solutions to the immediate and urgent issues.

Most of our staff  are still volunteering and we are praying and believing God for their upkeep.



Due to the demand, the setting of the community, and the need for expansion of our ministry programs and services, and most especially protecting the rights of these children, it was found necessary to shift the Seeds of Hope School to Nyanamo community where the central office, church oversight and vocational institute are located.

The transition and shifting was done well. The children love the new location and they are just so exited and we are expecting great results.






As a mean of eradicating poverty at the Batwa household level through impacting skills, we have started a piloting vocational training program in the Nyanamo community. This brings the Batwa at risk girls, who are beyond joining primary school and can’t afford training any where, a chance to be equipped with skills. We train them in skills of tailoring, knitting, salon, and home management. We believe that upon finishing they will surely break the cycle of poverty. We also impact them spiritually and raise them to be leaders in their churches and communities. We have a total of forty-five Batwa students now.  Please keep praying for the vocational section as we don’t have any donors for this program.  We found it important to begin, with the hope that the funding will come, if we are to break the cycle of orphan hood.





Besides the school and children's homes progress,  Hope Ministries Churches are progressing and doing very well in their respective Batwa communities.

So far we have planted churches that are growing and we are yet to plant more. We also partner with other churches around Uganda and the neighboring churches of DRC and Rwanda to further great commission building for the Kingdom of God . The year 2017 was a successful year  and Hope Ministries Uganda was able to maintain our planted churches  among the Batwa communities as detailed below.  



The Nyanamo Hope Discovery Church is led by Apostle Tugume Gerald who is the president of Hope Ministries Uganda, and he is assisted by Pastor Frank.  It provides leadership and spiritual oversight to the other sister churches. The senior pastor is also the team leader at Hope Ministries Uganda. The church has a temporary shelter. They have a concrete floor, purchased a public addressing system and are believing God for the furniture.

The Nyanamo Church has had good progress in spiritual growth, and membership growth. The church members, in the year 2017, reached out to different communities with a message of Hope and Restoration. In one of their recent conferences many people received healing and more than 200 people were saved.  This brings to our attention the possibility of expansion of our church building because we have a large number of people attending this church many can't fit into the current church. We are trusting God for a bigger church in 2018.  The church also planted Irish potatoes, which they sold to purchase a public addressing system.


Mukungu batwa community church

The Mukungu Hope Discovery Church is led by Pastor Sunday, our first Batwa pastor. He concentrates mostly on the Batwa people.

The Mukungu Church has a membership of more than 150 Batwa people  plus their children. The church has been renting a small room where the church has been fellowshipping, but because the number of members has increased. They need their own land with a church. In the last year the Batwa and other Hope Ministries churches collected money worth  6 million shillings and purchased the land where we are hoping to build a better church for our Batwa in Mukungu.

We are looking for church partners who are willing to invest in church planting ministries to enable the Batwa to have churches.


The Kasavu Hope Discovery Church is also growing spiritually day by day and God is working among this Batwa community.

Through the year we had over 5 outreaches among the Kasovu  communities  and at least 50 people gave their lives to Christ. We thank God for this ministry that has made it possible for the people who did not know God have a chance to know Him and love Him and accept Him .


The Rubuguri church is led by Pastor Emmaual  and Pastor Frank,  and Pastor Emma is the school Chaplain .

The Rubuguri church also gives spiritual guidance to the Batwa children at the Seeds of Hope Home since its near the school location.

 In 2017 the church in Rubuguri was attacked and destroyed by Muslims  who claimed that the land where the church was located was owned by them, so they destroyed this church. Because we don’t want to be in court with such people, we decided to take the church to the Seeds of Hope Home. The Rubuguri  church has a membership of 50 people and they are both Batwa and non Batwa. We are trusting God for the church land  and building.






The Hope Discovery Church Partners is a team of apostles and evangelists from Hope Discovery Churches that are committed to reach the unreached communities in Uganda and all over the world with the Word of God. This has brought great impact in places reached like in the  Isingiro outreach. While there, many young and old gave their lives to Christ on a crusade in Ruborogota where Apostle Gerald gave a powerful message of the Lord as my Shepherd.

Another impact was made greatly on the Tanzania Border where a prophetic word was spoken on many lives. Christians in the church all thanked the mighty works of the Lord.

Hope Ministries Uganda is fulfilling the great commission and vision God has given to us. We are partnering with churches in and outside of Uganda to preach the Gospel.





In a way of demonstrating God's love with the help and support that we receive and in partnership with our local church in the communities we live in, we have constructed two four bedroom houses for two of the most vulnerable families in our community; Mr. Kakuru and Mr. Valensi.

Valennce is a blind man married with five children and when he came to Christ he had no house, which caused the church members to raise some funds themselves and they built a good house for him. He is currently with his family sleeping in a better house.



Kasovu batwa temporary housing



In 2017 after the team from the USA visited the Kasovu Batwa and we found out that the Batwa among this community were living in small leaking huts that were causing these people to suffer from different sicknesses  that caused the death of some young children,  thanks to our partners in USA they were able to raise some funds to purchase tapelines to be able to build simple tents for the Batwa families in Kasovu .






Thanks to our donors and partners we were able to purchase the Land of Living Hope in 2016. This land is very fertile and flat enough for construction. The land is near the Queen Elizabeth National Park .  The purpose of this land is to build the children's village for the Seeds of Hope Children.  Building on the land had been postponed because we needed the funds to complete the land survey and land title.  At the end of the year 2017 our partners in USA partnered with Whitnell Pentecostal Church and the $4000 was sent for the land title which will be registered in the names of Hope Ministries Uganda.  The process for the land survey and registration began and we hope that in 3 month the title will be out. Thanks to our donors for your continued support. Together we can build a hope and a future for these children.




Leaders Training

In November 2017 the team from Beautiful Feet International partnered with Hope Ministries Uganda USA and visited the Batwa in Uganda with the vision to plant and establish the Masiiko Pregnancy Care Center among the Batwa tribe .

The pregnancy care leader /manager  and the community coordinators  were trained and the training was led by Mrs. Melissa from the USA. This gave the team more knowledge to handle pregnant women and to help  them know how to take care for themselves while they are pregnant and after giving birth.

Since the training, at least 7 young girls who were going to abort got counseling and support which led these young girls not to abort. They are now attending and hopeful.  God is good!



Baby clothes



Last year 2017, we received a large donation of children and baby clothes and receiving blankets from Hope Ministries Uganda USA, targeting the pregnancy care center. These baby clothes are being used to motivate the expecting mothers while attending our counseling at our center because most of the pregnant women and girls loose hope while they are pregnant which leads them to abort . Because of these baby clothes, mothers feel loved  and by giving them clothes, hope is raised, leading them to have healthy babies.

Thanks to our partners in ministry, Hope Ministries Uganda USA and Beautiful Feet International for that great help.



With the help from Hope Ministries Uganda USA we were able to rent a house which is going to be the home of Masiiko Pregnancy Care Center. This house will also accommodate the Hope Ministries Uganda office and housing for our Seeds of Hope Staff .



We praise God so much for Hope Ministries Uganda USA and their partners and how they were able to provide Christmas for 207+ children, provide a children's festival that impacted the local community at Nyanamo, new outfits, small gifts and a large Christmas feast!  The children went to the market to shop for a new Christmas outfit and shoes. Each child received a special Christmas package.  We played lots of games.  The Christmas feast included: chicken, beef, goat, rabbit, matoke, chips, rice, and much more!  We had a Christmas cake and lots of sodas! This was a time of much rejoicing as our Seeds of Hope Children are seeing God answering prayers of provision and support.  We thank you so much for helping to inspire our Seeds of Hope Children. You are truly planting seeds that are impacting generations to come!