We Are Moving!

80 New Mattresses thanks to one generous donor!

During the month of March some big decisions had to be made in order to protect our Seeds of Hope Children.  Our girls were getting raped walking to school.  Can you imagine?  These precious children who are already being highly discriminated against because they are Batwa!  Pastor Gerald and the Board of Hope Ministries Uganda had to make the decision to move all of the children onto our first campus in order to keep our children safe.  This meant 207 children in one building and only 50 beds.  We were already overcrowded and short beds.  It didn't take long after making this decision that the local government decided to come knocking on our doors and threatening to shut us down.  Sadly, they are looking for every excuse, as they hate and despise the Batwa, to throw our children on the streets.  

We had to make a quick decision.  We have a second location, Nyanamo Village,  where we were planning to eventually move the older children and start a vocational training program.  We have been given permission to use this land for free for five years and have a written contract.  We built a small school.  But that was as far as we had gotten.   

Our school on the second campus.

So with the threat of the local government we made the decision to go ahead and move 80 of our older children to Nyanamo Village.  There were several buildings on sight but they did not have doors or windows which would be needed in order to keep the children safe.  We also needed pots and pans for cooking, and some form of bedding.  We needed over $4000.  God heard our cries and He raised up one generous donor to cover all of those costs!  We praise God as He moves hearts!


Sadly, the "bullying" from the local community has not stopped.  Our children and local church continue to be abused.  Unfortunately, even the local churches participate in this behavior.  With that being said, the decision has been made to move all of the children to this second campus as a temporary measure as we are moving forward with our building plans on the Land of Living Hope Project (update coming soon!).

There are many needs with this move.  We are blessed that the community at Nyanamo Village are welcoming us with open arms and are so excited that the children and the school are moving to the area!  They are even stepping up to help in many ways!  We praise God for this!  We still need to raise an additional $1500 to assist with this move.  If you would like to help us move, please CLICK ON THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW:


We still are in desperate need of beds. If you would like to donate to help us get beds for all of our children, please CLICK ON THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW:

The temperatures at night drop down into the low 40's and upper 30's.  It is important for our children to be up off of the ground and to have proper bedding.

The Batwa community will work together to tear down our other school buildings, kitchen, and dining hall and rebuild them on the second location.  It is exciting that everyone can take part and help with this project in order to help keep our children safe!  We will have more exciting updates as this continues to unfold.  Please keep our children and Batwa community in your prayers. Please pray for the following:

  • That the funding comes quickly for this move
  • For a hedge of protection around our children and the local church
  • That God would stir the hearts of men
  • Funding for beds
  • Sponsorships for our children 
  • Monthly donors


And if you give yourself to the hungry
And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
Then your light will rise in darkness
And your gloom will become like midday.
— Isaiah 58:10

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