The Importance of Sponsorship

Sponsorship changes a child's life.  All of our children pray to be sponsored. The idea of knowing that they have a "family" who prays for them, loves them, and cares for them brings them hope. It shows them that God hears their prayers. 




Sponsorship is also important because it provides the phyical needs of our children. 

☑️ Food. Growing children need proper nutrition. By sponsoring one of our children you are providing them with three meals a day. 

☑️ Education. We have a school on campus where our children can receive a quality education. Education is so important. Our Seeds of Hope Children have hopes and dreams just like other children. They should be able to reach those goals. With your support they can! 

☑️ Health Care. With a death rate of 38% before the age of five, health care is vital. Many of the Batwa die from preventable illnesses. By sponsoring a child you are helping to increase their chances of overcoming these challenges. 

It takes a lot of Irish to feed our children!    

It takes a lot of Irish to feed our children! 


Our new schools at our new location.  

Our new schools at our new location.  

Will you consider rising up and sponsoring a child?  Will you consider being love for a child who is not only considered the poorest among the poorest, but is not even considered to be human. Will you be the one to show them that their life has importance? 

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