Project Description

Mushroom Growing and Production House

Our goal has always been to give “hand-ups” and not “handouts.” One way to do this is to develop sustainable projects that can impact communities. Within each of our church communities and at our school in Kabale, women will be chosen from each of our church communities (Kasovu, Mukungu, Rubuguri, Nyanamo) to manage the mushroom co-op. This will give women an opportunity to earn a consistent income and support their families. The women will also set monies aside to help support the Masiiko Pregnancy Care Center in their community as an outreach project. The cost for each Mushroom production house is $3,372.

The women will also go through a course entitled Elemental Business Development Course. It is a uniquely engaging approach to entrepreneurial training for use in developing communities. This is a Christ-centered curriculum that will impact their lives on many levels. We want our women to be equipped to manage and understand business and how a successful business can change its family line. 

Business Development Course